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C 299,792 km/s comes out on January 28!

Just 13 months after the Kickstarter campaign succeeded, Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier's short film C 299,792 km/s will make its online premiere. The biggest part of this movie's hype is what's not in the movie at all: CGI. Instead, the filmmakers have relied on stop motion and practical lighting effects (similar to Kubrick's work on 2001), as well as an immense model of the interstellar ship featured in the movie.

The LARGO! crew will definitely have an episode dedicated to geeking out about this, hopefully as early as February. As a backer, seeing the trailer makes me totally excited!




Preparing for Big Trouble In Little China

It is an odd experience, taking down notes for a movie you've seen a couple dozen times since you were 10 or so. And of course, I want to hit the ball out of the park with this episode, since it is one of my personal favorite movies. I also have some nervousness about stepping along trail broken long ago by better shows, about being a lesser son of greater sires.

The folks at The Incomparable do such a good job of this, the group of geeks just exploding off the microphone into a barely-contained show, that I almost—almost—want to leave it to them. But every once in a while, I find myself screaming at the podcast, wondering why they missed this or that detail, why they have opinions that are so different from mine, and I realize that, even in the realm of geek podcasts, there is always room for one more voice. Or four. Or eight.

So this show might be niche, even though it's our baby, but it'll be a great artifact of that one time we all got together and talked breathlessly about that really cool thing we all experienced together. And then we'll turn around and do it again. And hopefully so many times that we'll have made something cool for the world, which we will rule from beyond the grave.

...or check into a psycho ward, whichever comes first.