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Vote for your favorite 80's and 90's movies!

We need your help!

We're assembling a bracket of 32 of the best movies of the 1980s and 1990s. We will then determine the best of each decade, then pit the best of the best against each other for all the marbles! The problem is...there's so many good movies, we're not sure which ones to include! And that's where you come in.

If you're a movie buff (and who are we kidding...who's not?!) then you can help us decide by giving us your two bits on which flicks should be included in the bracket. As a bonus, since ten years is an awfully long time (especially in dog years) and we may miss a favorite title or two in compiling each list, we allow for five "write-in" votes for each decade, which will vie for the play-in spots.

The survey can be found here,, is free to do and will not result in any spam or other mystery meat product appearing in your general vicinity (at least not by any of us...we don't even like spam.)

The deadline to submit a ballot is February 25, and we have 38 submissions so far and we'd love to top at least 50 by the time we go to air on the podcast! (BIG THANKS to all who've voted to date!!)

Help us decide the greatest flicks of our generations, all in the name of good clean fun and the benefit of geeks everywhere!

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